An Exceptional Ormolu Birdcage


I think of all the birdcages I have seen, this one has the most beautiful ormolu parts! The cage itself is large and houses a large parrot in colors of pink, red, and gray. The parrot has a wide wing span and is perched on a swinging wire. The sides of the cage are held in place by two strips that are scalloped and have holes in them. The wires pass through these strips to the bottom of the cage. A large circular base supports the cage and has impressed designs around the edge. A large impressed flower mounted up in the center makes a striking design in ormolu. There is a hanger at the top or it can be placed on a stand or table. There are three tiny feet to elevate the base off the table.


Measurements: Birdcage is 3h. x 2-1/2in diameter.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $250

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