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Gottschalk Dolls' House- Circa 1910

This house has many special architectural features- with paper applied for all the brick and stone work on the front, sides and back of the house. The windows are framed out in wood on the front of the house. Paper windows with the brick work are on the sides of the house. There is a balcony and a porch on the front of the house too which are made of wood with metal railings. A porch on the first level on the right side also has similar railings. The doors are painted green with some lined details. The roof is painted a dark blue and has two very detailed chimneys of brick paper and wood. There is a window on the roof and a large gable with lined brown wood strips. The house opens from the sides which shows the two levels. The interior has all original wallpaper on both sides and there is a staircase on one side.

Measurements: 33"h. x 25-1/2"w. x 14-1/2"d.
Circa: 1910
Price: $2,995


Gottschalk Red Roof Dolls' House

The architectural features certainly add to the charm of this dolls' house. The house is painted yellow with red roofs and has shutters painted a soft green. Basement windows are painted under the porch. The sides of the house have painted windows! There are three stories to the house. It has an outdoor staircase and a room on the third floor with a triple glass window. A gambrel roof frames the third story. There are 4 rooms. The house has its original wallpapers, floor papers and old lace curtains. There is a hallway with a staircase too. (Note: The large room on the second floor had a crack and a piece of wood was inserted in it).

Measurements: 24"h. x 27"w. x 21"d.
Circa: 1910
Price: $1800


An Exceptional Blue Roof Gottschalk Dolls' House

As you can see from the photos, this house has amazing architectural features- with a tower and high pitched roof, bay windows, carved posts at the entrance, painted lines on windows to signify window panes, and a large decorative piece of unusual architecture that rests just below the roof line and compliments the tower close by. The papers on the exterior of the house are excellent on all three sides. (The back of the house is painted a soft beige or tan). Window trims at the top and below enhance the decoration on the house. Also on the first level, the windows have a curved half circle painted a tan color with the brick color designs. There is a white chimney on the roof.

The interior of the house has all its original wallpapers on the walls and on the floors of the two rooms.

Measurements: 24"h. x 14"w. on a mounted platform and 11"d.
Circa: 1890's
Price: $3500


Christian Hack Dolls' House

This dolls' house has an interesting façade that displays a porch on the front and a second floor with windows. A mansard roof provides room for more rooms with windows too. There are two rooms on each floor so with three floors, we have a six room house. There are more windows on the left side of the house. The roof papers are a coral color which resemble shingles with black paper having a border around the edges.

The interior has original wallpapers and floor papers. There are inter-connecting doors between the rooms. The tan color facades on the front and sides displays well with the roof papers and the windows on the front that have shutters.

Measurements: 28"h. x 29"w. x17-1/2"d.
Circa: 1900
Price: $2950




The 1920's Dolls' House

This is the house that came full of Tynietoy. I am now selling the pieces separately under the "Tynietoy" section of the website.

This house is clapboarded on the exterior with wooden shutters with cut outs in them. It opens from the front to reveal four large rooms with two hallways and staircase. The left side opens to reveal two more rooms that have open doorways into the main part of the house. There is a built in fireplace in the living room. The staircase from the first floor to the second floor has a small room at the top of the stairs with a door!!

When you pull open the main entrance the interior is seen but to open the second floor, that does open with a bracket on each side that locks in place for viewing. The interior has painted walls in pastel colors. The windows are very special, the upper half have a diamond design that makes quite a nice design for the house.

The main entrance has columns on each side of the door and a pitched roof overhead. A long brick chimney is found on the right side that climbs up from the base to the roof.

A large black and white photo shows the house opened and furnished and on the back is the owners name and the date- 1929.

Measurements: The house is 33"tall (to the top of the chimney). It is 47-1/2"wide. and 22" in depth.
Circa: 1920's
Price: $3500




Small Blue Roof Gottschalk Dolls' House


This little house is in excellent condition! It has all its original paper on the exterior with tan blocks on the lower level and brick on the second story. The paper covers the front and both sides. All the glass windows are perfect and the cut out forms over the top of the windows are all intact. The interior displays two rooms, one on each level. The original wallpapers are all intact as are the floor papers.


Measurements: 14"h. x 6-1/4"w. x 4-3/4"d. (Platform is 8"w. x 6"d).

Circa: 1910

Price: $750




A Dolls' House from Hamley's Toy Store in England

This early dolls' house has the emblem found on the top of the house that says "Hamley's". This shop was made possible by a man named William Hamley in 1760 in High Holborn, England. He called his shop "Noah's Ark". As it became so popular with adults and children from all over the world, he moved his shop to a building that had 5 floors to display his toys at 188-196 Regent Street in London. It was the finest toy shop in the world.

To date my dolls' house that I recently purchased, it has the High Holborn insignia on the house. So we know it was sold there so it has to be before 1881. My feeling is the house dates somewhere around 1840. I will continue to study and research this information.

Measurements: 27-1/2"h. x 14"w. x 9"d.
Circa: Early -1840
Price: SOLD



The Christian Hacker Dolls' House

The house is painted a light tan color which is all original. There is quoining on the front corners that is lined . A triangular pediment appears on the front of the house, on the edge of the roof. There are also two chimneys on the green roof. The house opens from the front and has 5 rooms. The kitchen has the original stove and shelf unit on one wall.

There is a hallway with a staircase , a large room on the left and on the second floor another large room (a problem with wallpaper on the left side up near the ceiling) with an adjacent room. There are interconnecting doors to each room. The house has all its original wallpapers and floor papers. (I removed the rugs to find all the original floor papers in perfect condition!). There are borders on all the wallpapers. Curtains with tie back ribbons are still intact from a previous owner.

Measurements: 27"h. x 27-1/2"w. x 14"d.
Circa: 1900
Price: SOLD!






A booklet has been written about this exceptional dolls' house that was sold at Sotheby's auction house in NYC. Several pictures of the interior are shown and described.


The booklet measures- $11"h. x 8-3/4"w. –Price: $12.95 + shipping is $2.00.

Please write me to order at-



The Glass House

As a recent buyer of this house, I'm not familiar with its history or its actual age. The last time I saw this house, it was displayed at Lucy's Dolls' House Shop in Camden, Maine, when I visited a number of years ago. Each time I approach this house in my living room to get a better view, I discover additional openings or details I hadn't noticed before. All of the ornamentation is carved wood, painted gold. The carving work is so amazing I have photographed each of these fine pieces that you see painted gold. Incidentally, since the back of the house is made exactly like the front façade of the house, one enters through the front door (first floor) or you'd enter through the same door in the back. The side panels of windows pull out to enter the second floor on both the right side and left side.


Beveled glass windows are found throughout the house. There are long narrow ones, some have wooden frames over the windows that look like they are paneled. There are even some square windows!

The roof is framed in dark wood that matches the rest of the house. Glass slanted panels are set in –one long one in the front and back. The sides have smaller panels of slanted glass. The very top of the house has a flat board to support the grand statue of a woman holding a pelican! The last photo shows her foot resting on a ball. The carving is just the finest carving I have ever seen with the detail of her hair and facial features!


Please feel free to contact me for any other questions about this outstanding house.


Measurements: 27- ½"h.; add 10" for the carved lady on top of the roof x 33" width x 17" depth.

Circa: Not known

Price: $6500




The Spanish Dolls' House  - Circa 1880

There are three floors with 8 rooms. They include the first floor- sewing room, dining room, and kitchen. The second floor has a large banquet room for the soldiers and a parlor. The third floor has a bedroom, sitting room and a chapel. The house measures: 47" tall for the three floors; the base adds 16"; the railing at the top is 4-1/2" and the cupola on top of the roof is removable and that is 20" tall. The house is 50" wide. Price: $10,000


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