An Incredible Boulle Sofa and Chair


As an avid collector of Boulle furniture, I was always seeking out unusual pieces. This sofa and matching chair are upholstered in a heavy paper with a background of magenta and gold decorative motifs. (This reminds me of the early dolls’ house wallpaper done in aqua-blue with the gold stars). The gold transfer work that frames each piece is much bolder in design and these designs are very different from any pieces I had seen. Much of the art work seems to be angular and the cut out work on the back of the chair takes on the same affect. The arms on the sofa match the design of curvatures too. A very unique set!


Measures: The sofa is 5”h.x 6”w. The chair is 4-3/8”h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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