An Early Wooden Doll


I got this doll for my very large Regency Dolls’ House and I wanted to place her at the bottom of a long staircase. (I had the dolls placed between 12”to 14”). The hallway was slightly larger in scale than the rooms. The doll came in only her underwear so I had an Empire dress designed for her that would match her pierced earrings and beaded necklace. Wispy curls appear around her face with her black painted hair parted in the center. She has painted single stroke eyebrows, very fine upper lashes and red dots painted at outer corners of her eyes and in her nose. She has a small painted mouth and cheeks that are blushed. The head and the torso are one piece, but the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are jointed. She is wearing painted red slippers. She is wearing a cotton floral print dress with the Empire waistline.


Measurements: 14”tall

Circa: 1800

Price: Inquiries welcomed


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