Tynietoy Peggity Dolls

Peggity dolls are very rare and hard to find. They are wood jointed dolls that went with the Tynietoy furniture. We have a mother and father here for sale. They have their original clothes and are all original without any missing parts. However, as you can see, the faces have paint loss which could be corrected by a good artist. I have lowered the prices so that perhaps you could keep the doll as is, use clothing for others dolls or are willing to have an artist fill in the missing paint. I know a lady that works at a restoration place for toys that could do this job. I would have to check with her..So let me know if anyone would like to have the facial work done or if you just want them as is!


Measurements: Both dolls are 5-1/2

Circa: 1920s 1930s

Price: Father = SOLD / Mother $195



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