A Miniature Radio Console


Now I know this is not Tynietoy and that is probably about 1940, but I just thought it was neat! I remember we use to use that word “Console” and it meant a radio that stands on the floor. This is one of a kind, probably made by a Dad or Grandfather! I did find it in a house that had Tynietoy in it. It doesn’t open but the way it is made and all the details that are shown is amazing. There seemed to be a mesh screen on the radio at that time and sure enough we have one here with wood in front of it to protect it. Little knobs are put on it, just under the brass framed dial that would have all the stations on it. I guess we could say it is about 75 years old!


Measurements: 3-3/4”h.x 2-1/4”w.

Circa: 1940

Price: $75


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