A Wonderful Set of Arcade


An amazing set of all three pieces used in washing and pressing clothes!  This would make a great set up in a laundry room.  All is in great condition! You seldom see this set in such perfect condition. The washing machine has several moveable parts with the rollers turning in the wringer, the top being removed so that you can see the metal part that turns to wash the garments. The mangle has a handle to turn the roller when pressing flat pieces.  When in use, it lays down and in storage it can pull up for easy storage.  The double tubs are built together on a stand. All the pieces are marked Arcade.


Measurements:  The washing machine is 5-3/4h. The mangle is 3-1/4h. x 4-3/8w. (when in use)., standing up for storage it is 4-1/2:h. The tubs are 3-1/4h. x 4-3/4w.

Circa: 1920s

Price for the set: $495


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