Steel Cut Buckles with Stones and Porcelain Centers - 17th Century

I purchased these cut steel buckles made in the 17th Century at a New England auction house some years ago. I especially like early porcelain paintings and thought I could use them in a dolls’ house, which I did do. The paintings are very well done and stones were places around them. I didn’t need any attachments on the backs as one could place a nail on a wall and hang them between open spaces of the outside row of stones. The buckle on the back did not interfere in any way to hanging them on a wall.


In the early 18th century, men's shoes continued to have a squared toe, but the heels were not as high. From 1720-1730, the heels became even smaller, and the shoes became more comfortable, no longer containing a block toe. The shoes from the first half of the century often contained an oblong buckle usually embedded with stones.

Measurements: 3-1/2”h. x 2-7/8”w.

Circa: 17th Century

Price: $1200 


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