An Exceptional Boulle Desk


The first thing I notice when seeing this desk is how the gold transfer work is done in reverse on the top pediment and on the large drawer beneath the writing surface. In other words, instead of having the decoration done in the gold transfer work on top of a rosewood brown background, this has the decoration in brown and the background done in gold. We notice this on the legs too. The cabriole legs are very attractive and seem to give more elegance to the piece. (one leg has been reglued at the joint). The pediment is very interesting, it has a silhouette in the center and lilies spread across the front. The scalloped border adds a lot of interest as it perches above the small side drawers. A very special  piece.

Measurements: 6h. x 4-1/2w. x 2-3/8d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $350



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