An Exceptional Dining Room/ Parlor Set Large Scale

There are 7 pieces that make up this set. I had set up a dining room with the table in the center and chairs around the table. I put the sofa on the back wall and the desk (or what some called the sideboard) off to the side. The red /mahogany stain furniture has gilt decoration applied to all the pieces. It is intricately made and the close-up photos show the great workmanship. The sofa and chairs are upholstered in a blue silk and the sofa has bolster pillows. The dining room table has slender legs all done in gilt and nailed to the underside of the table. The desk or sideboard, also has the same legs as the dining room table. A round mirror appears on the back and small soft metal shelves are found on the sides. This is a very special set I have had for many years.

Measurements: Sofa is 5-1/4h. x 9-1/8

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $2200


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