Rare Luggage for the Dolls’ House (originally a dolls’ purse)


This leather piece of luggage is so well made with elaborate stitching throughout.  The photos show the design work with several borders and faux buckles on the front. There are tiny brass beads at the bottom where the luggage sits on the floor. The sides are hard so the luggage does not change shape or collapse. When placed with a gentleman doll, at the entrance of a room, it appears as if he is bringing in luggage! (Note: This is a dolls purse, when you press the latch on top, it opens to display a blue silk  interior of folded compartments). A great piece to keep in the bedroom!


Measurements: 2 -3/8”h. x 2-1/2”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $185


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