A Fine Lithograph Parlor Set


This lithograph set consists of 10 pieces a sofa with six chairs, a round table,  a desk and vanity with mirror.  The lithograph paper has a background in a tan color with decorative motifs of fruit and flowers done in black. The furniture has a finely cut paper border that is glued to all of the edges. All of the wooden legs are turned with a bulbous turning at the top and then becoming slender down to the floor. The detail in the drawings with the paper trim on the edge  and outlining done in black makes this set very appealing! The upholstery has a sheik silk in a pale gray with a tan color underneath! The rolled arms on the sofa with a scalloped back and lithograph paper of bows and holly are wonderful artistic accents. This outstanding set would display nicely in a cabinet or in a dolls house.


Measurements:  The desk is 6h. x 3-1/2w. The sofa is 3-3/4h.x 5w. The round table is 2-5/8h. x 3-1/4 in diameter.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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