An Exquisite Boulle Parlor Set


When you see something very special, you know you may never see it again in this condition. Upholstered in a soft red cut-velvet and trimmed with gold Dresden papers, one can look to see that none of the trims are missing  and that there are double trims on the front and sides of each chair and sofa. There are no breaks, repairs or missing parts! This five piece set consists of a lovely sofa, a high back arm chair and three side chairs. The sofa and high back arm chair even have their pads on the arms , all intact  The sofa has an incredible crest at the back with gold transfer work with additional side pieces. Each piece has a slight bow front which is more noticeable on the sofa. One cant help but admire the construction of the arms on the sofa and high back chair, the way they are done in turned wood and inserted into the fabric of the piece! A magnificent set!


Measurements:  The sofa is 4-5/8h.x 7-1/2w. The high back chair is 6h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $1,000


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