An Old-Fashioned Bathroom


This three piece set includes a high tank toilet, a basin and a tub. It is not painted white but has that old beige/tan color. It has not been touched in its 100 years  and so you will see some paint missing slightly around the edges or under the basin. To me, it really gives it character! The  high tank toilet has the pull chain to flush the toilet and pipes going down the back, both toilet lids lift up too. It is mounted on its own stand.

The basin has the best faucets that just look so real and the basin fits down inside the sink area. Pipes from the drain and pipes from the faucets go down into the floor! The tub is very simple with wood trim around the top and on the bottom. Faucets are mounted on the front corners.

This would look great in an old dolls’ house.


Measurements: The toilet is 6-3/8”h. The basin is 4-1/8”h. The tub is 2”h. x 6-1/8” long.

Circa: 1890

Price: SOLD!


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