A Rare Papier Mache Doll


This papier mache doll is all original and has an extraordinary hair style. Her black painted hair has strong comb marks completely around her head with a bun pulled up at the crown.  But the hair in the front is pulled behind the ears and set into curls. One rarely sees this particular style of hair on this type of doll.. Her arms and legs are attached to a leather body and she is wearing painted red flat shoes. Her long cotton dress  hangs down to her ankles and is in a cream background with little blue flowers. (Note: there is a stain on the back of one sleeve). Her facial features are clearly painted with blue eyes, single stroked eyebrows and the mouth has a small amount of red paint on the lips. The dress and undergarments appear to be original.


Measurements: 13-3/4 tall

Circa: Early 19th Century

Price: 1950


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