A Pair of Figurines with Candelabras


Each figurine is composed of a lovely maiden, dressed in a long gown, who is holding up above her head a three branch candelabra. The base and the maiden are made of a pot metal and painted beige  color with red lined highlights. The candelabra is made of soft metal and is very delicate. That piece has three branches with candles that can be lit. (Note: I lit the candles so the wax would accumulate the wax at the base to hold it better in the socket of the candle holder. This item would be wonderful on a stand in a hallway at the base of a staircase, on a table in the hall or in a parlor or dining room.


Measurements: Candelabra is 3- h. Add for candles.

Circa: 1900

Price: $125

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